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SREhttp/2 -- an http/1.1 server for OS/2

Abstract SREhttp2/ ver 1.12 is full featured http www server for OS/2. It is freeware, and requires the SRE2003 Internet Interface.

You can ...
view the introduction to SREhttp/2 peruse the features list, or list the recent changes
The FAQ for SREhttp/2 SREhttp/2 security features
List the numerous documentation files Tryout some demos
View some status info
Of course, you should read the disclaimer.

Miscellaneous Notes

Installation of SREhttp/2 is done with an INSTALL.CMD file that comes in the SREhttp/2 distribution file. See READ.ME for further details.
Although SREhttp/2 can be an effective WWW server, it may be more then you need.

For simpler sites, the sreLite2 might be quicker & easier to use.

SREhttp/2 is rooted in the SRE-http "GoServe filter". Although the feature set is similar, there are a large number of differences. In particular, the configuration files are different, and the calling syntax for addons is not the same. Thus, you will not be able to use SRE-http addons with SREhttp/2 (though it's not that hard to port them over!).

In other words, migrating from SRE-http to SREhttp/2 will will require some hands on tinkering. UPGRADER.TXT discusses this in greater detail.

Short Disclaimer:

SREhttp/2 is GNU-style freeware, that is supplied "as is"; with no warranty (not even one of implied merchantability) or guarantees. The authors furthermore disclaim any and all liability associated with the use or misuse of this package. For the full disclaimer, please see DISCLAIM.TXT.

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