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Demo-apps Demos of SREhttp/2 WWW-aware applications


Looking to try, use and otherwise explore a SREhttp/2 WWW-aware application?

If you like what you see, and are running os/2, we encourage you to download these freeware applications
(several of which can also be run as CGI-BIN scripts under other OS/2 web servers)
BlendGIF Create an animated GIF, with lots of special effects
GIF_text Create a GIF file containing a text message -- using colorful fonts, backgrounds, etc. etc. etc.
GoSwish Documentation and demo A front-end to the SWISH web search tool (create, and search, indices of the files on your web site).
GoSwish2 Brief description A multi-host aware version of GoSWISH -- makes it easy to create & update search indices. For a demo, try this search of the SREHTTP2.SREHTTP.ORG site.
CheckLink Create a web-tree of a WWW-site, and check the validity of it's links
calcWWW An on-line, equation oriented scientific calculator (with derivative taking capabilities)
Home2Buy Calcuate interest payments, tax deductions, and income from the purchase of a 2nd home
ReFinance Compute and compare the financial implications of up to 3 different home-refinancing loans.
HTML_Text Convert an HTML document to a text file
ThumbIndex Sample output from the ThumbIndex "thumbnail" creator.

Other utilities

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