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Vacation home purchase scenario

Compute a variety of financial calculations concerning the purchase of a 2nd (vacation) home.
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Scenario description: Default scenario
Price= if   of price is for the house,
 the value of the building= 180,000
Down The down payment
Interest =
Length of loan = years
   Monthly payment: 1536 , yearly= 18,432
       1st yr: interest=15,806 & principal=2,634
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Rental income=19,400

Total weeks rented= 20
yields rental fraction of 38%

   Peak weeks:  10000   ( weeks @ )
   Swing weeks: 5200  ( weeks @ )
   End/start weeks: 1800  ( weeks @ )
   Off-season weeks: 2400  ( weeks @ 
   Unusuable weeks: 
Net cash rent= 16,260
   Rental income:  19400, minus 
     Realtor commission: 1940  (at  of rental income )
     Utilities: 1200 (@  per week) 
Yearly expenses due to rental= 10,327
   Reportable yearly expenses (26851) * rental_fraction (38%)
     Interest:  15806
     Property taxes:  
     Other yearly fees :  
     Depreciation: over  years  =  6545
Reported rental income= 5,933 Max of 0 and (Net_cash_rent - Yearly_expenses_due_to_rental)
Extra tax refund: 1,758
 Deductions: 15806 & 2000;  non-rental fraction (of year): 61% 
   Pro-rated non-rental deductions: 10957
   Non-rental deductions - reported rental income: 5024
   Marginal tax rate:  


Net expenses & income

Yearly expenses: includes 2634 principal, excludes depreciation
Yearly income gain: net cash rent + extra tax refund
Monthly shortfall

(expenses-gain) / 12
Accounting for inflation After   years of   inflation ...
Yearly expenses: includes 5099.72106 principal, excludes depreciation
Yearly income gain: net cash rent + extra tax refund
Monthly shortfall

(expenses-gain) / 12

Investment comparision

Earnings after     years ...
Net property value= Using yearly appreciation rate:
Remaining principal: 174,671
Effective mortgage interest: 2%
Cash value= US saving bond rate:
$ needed to buy house: 193,213
w/inflation= As above, accounting for inflation.
$ needed to buy house: 223,237
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This Home2Buy program is meant to give the user a general sense of the financial factors relevant to a decision to buy a 2nd home. It is not guaranteed to be accurate. It might even be wrong in important details.

Therefore, this program is offered without ANY WARRANTY or ASSURANCE of reliability. If the programs conclusions should be flat out wrong, and cause you any kind of harm, we are NOT TO BLAME!

That said ... we've made a good deal of effort to check both the accuracy of the calculations and the relevant regulations, and we've used it in our financial considerations. If you find bugs or other problems, please contact us (at danielh@crosslink.net).