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UpDater for SREhttp/2, ver 1.20b (beta)

(updated 12 January 2007)

UpDater (beta, ver 1.20b) is a mirroring program, it is used to update a set of files on a remote server (or on a client's workstation), so that they are the same as a set of files on a central server.

UpDater features include:

  • Can be used as addon for the SREhttp/2 web server
  • A central server can distribute an unlimited number of "packages"
  • Each package can have an unlimited number of files, defined using wildcardable "include" and "exclude" file descriptors.
  • Access to specific packages can be limited to authorized users
  • Packages can be obtained by "remote servers" or by "remote clients"
  • A remote server can access any number of central servers, and is managed via the net (using HTML forms).
  • A remote client (which can run on any OS/2 machine with Netscape) can access any number of central servers, and is managed via the net (using HTML forms, and via a non-GUI Netscape helper application).
  • GZIP and Rsync are used to reduce the size of file transfers (both can be suppressed on a file specific basis)
  • A package specific installation program can be run on a "remote client" after all files have been UpDated.

  • Would you like to .. read the UpDater manual?
    Are you ready to .. download the latest version of UpDater ver 1.20b (beta version, updated 12 January 2007, size= 270K)
    Looking for a CGI-BIN version? The old version of UpDater, while not quite as stable or use friendly, can be run as a generic CGI-BIN script.

    http://SREHTTP2.SREHTTP.ORG/apps/updater/index.sht, created 12 Jan 2007